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FAQs for Commercial and
Residential Clients

Yes, Bulldog keeps up with New Age Technology in the Roofing Industry. We use State of the Art Roofing Equipment, Systems and Materials. We are Certified Contractors/Installers for a host of the Finest Roofing Materials. We are able to give a Precise Aerial Measurement Report to insure accuracy on your job.

Yes, Bulldog has done some very Large and Impressive work in the Commercial Sector. Many of these have been Large Churches involving complex and intricate design work. We have re-roofed Airports, Churches, Office Buildings, and many other types of Commercial Buildings. We have our own mobile metal fabricating shop to insure precise composition of your roof. We are well equipped to handle your job, regardless of size or required materials

Just like a Residential job, it begins with an Inspection of your Roof. In addition to everything we do for Residential customers, we include a Power Point Presentation to you, your board and/or committee to show damages, options and to answer your questions. We also include CAD images showing your building with the many options in roofing materials. Bulldog is aware of and abides by all of the City, State and Federal Building Codes, as well as OSHA Regulations.

Yes, Bulldog keeps a close eye on your project! Owners and Managers closely oversee every step of every job, whether Commercial or Residential. On Commercial jobs, we bring our Mobile RV Office to your site, where you can find an Owner or Project Manager at all times.

Yes, Bulldog is Fully Licensed and Insured with a $2,000,000.00 Policy – Larger amounts available when required. We carry General Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. If your contractor doesn’t have Worker’s Comp, you could be liable for accidents or injuries on your property. Request verification from your contractor!

Yes, Bulldog is a Licensed General Contractor through the ICC. We are also Licensed Insurance Adjusters. In addition we are Certified by our suppliers to install the products we use.

Bulldog is completely Debt Free and in Good Financial Standing with all of our suppliers. This means no lengthy delays to your job. There are sub-par contractors who are in debt to suppliers and have a hard time acquiring materials. Please Download & Print our FREE Contractor Comparison Worksheet to help you with your Decision Making Process!

Yes, Bulldog Builders is a Gold Star Member of the BBB with an A+ Rating. We encourage you to go to the BBB Site and look at our information, our references and our ratings.

At Bulldog, we are well versed in Insurance Law, Policies and Procedures as it pertains to our industry. Additionally, we are well versed in Codes and Regulations of Insurance in the State of Texas. Bulldog has strong working relationships with Insurance Companies in Texas. Bulldog is aware of and abides by all of the City, State and Federal Building Codes, as well as OSHA Regulations.

One of the things we are Experts in, is presenting your Insurance Company with Valid Evidence of additional work needed. We have a strong reputation for getting this additional work approved by your Insurance Company. Our many References can verify this for you.

Yes, Bulldog Builders has Impeccable References. We are happy to provide those as part of your Decision Making Process. There are many Reference Letters provided on this site, but if you need to speak with someone, please let us know and we will provide you with References you can speak with.

Yes, Bulldog Builders is a well-respected company. We can provide all types of Professional References including Industry Specific Attorneys, Suppliers, Adjusters, Inspectors and Banking References. Just like our Client References, you will find our Professional References to be Excellent References as well.

Bulldog Builders is proud to be Veteran Owned! We encourage you to check out our Meet the Owners page. And please give us a call anytime. We would be happy to answer your questions!


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