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Disaster Response & Preparedness

When Disaster Strikes,
It Helps to be Prepared!

Preparation for weather events is as much about
what to do after disaster strikes as before.

Disaster Response & Preparedness

The violent weather that Texas experiences from hail damage can wreak havoc in your life. In 2015 and 2016, Texas was ranked first for the most hail damage, and 2016 particularly was quite severe. Hail damage can cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage to just a few properties or an entire community. Bulldog Builders have always been on the ground in the aftermath, shoring up properties and tarping rooftops to provide temporary protection until repairs can be commenced.

If you find yourself a victim of hail damage, our team is there to provide repairs to your home or business and restore your property to its original condition in no time. We invite you to register with us as a priority customer. The first 48 hours after hail damage is crucial and the sooner we repair the damages, the better it will be in helping to minimize further damage to your property and belongings. It also enhances your ability to file and receive a claim. Whether you’ve experienced hailstorm roof, window, siding, or gutter damage, call the experts at Bulldog Builders and Contractors.

Bulldog Builders will work directly with your insurance company to make sure that you are getting the right claim for your business. We are your one stop shop getting your business back up and running as we serve as insurance claims adjusters and can help repair any damages that have been made to your home or business. Sign up to be a Bulldog Priority Customer today and make sure to read our “Top Ten Preparation Tips for Severe Weather” below.


Top Ten Preparation/Safety Tips for Severe Weather

Emergency and disaster preparedness is crucial in minimizing the effects of hail damage and responding to the impacts of disaster in order to ensure continuity while managing the crisis. It involves a combination of plans, procedures, and improvisation. Get better prepared for the next storm through the following:

  1. Create an emergency plan that addresses what to do before and during a storm.
  2. Keep trees trimmed and clear debris from your yard.
  3. Park your vehicles in the garage or under shelter.
  4. Inspect your roof regularly, keep up with maintenance, make repairs as needed, and clean gutters and downpipes.
  5. Put yard furniture and décor inside your garage or building.
  6. Stay inside once the storm begins; hailstones plummeting from high above you can cause serious bodily harm.
  7. Keep doors, windows, drapes, and blinds closed.
  8. Have an emergency kit that includes a portable battery operated radio, first aid kit, blankets, pet supplies, can opener, food, water, meds/scripts, flashlights/batteries, and phone numbers.
  9. Know your insurance policy and review it to check if it’s adequate. Also, make sure important documents and cash are safe in waterproof containers.
  10. A hail storm could result in downed power lines, shards of glass, and other dangers that may be in pooling water. Be careful when going out after a storm.
  11. Keep up to date with the latest information on the radio or TV before, during, and after a storm.

Why Choose Us for Disaster Restoration?

  • Improved disaster readiness
  • Fast response
  • Expert and courteous service
  • Temporary and permanent repairs
  • We help you with the hail storm damage claim

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