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Home Remodeling in Houston and Dallas Area

Owning your home is a dream come true, but that does not guarantee that you get the home of your dreams. And when this is the case, you’ll need remodeling experts who’ll help you transform your home into what you envision. Whether you want a recreational room to entertain your kids, a home office, a comfortable and relaxing spot for your family, a spacious kitchen with a farmhouse sink, a larger walk-in shower, or a luxurious master bathroom with a spa-feel, remodeling is a helpful tool that helps update and shore up faulty structures.

At Bulldog Builders & Contractors, we understand that your home is your castle, and that’s why we pay meticulous attention to every detail. Over the years, we have creatively employed our coveted skills, quality artistry, and superior service to create unique living spaces. We can bring your imagination to life, and we will be there to help when you need more options and ideas.

Bulldog Builders is a veteran-owned, full-service contractor and remodeling company serving Texas. Our owners believe in quality work that won’t be under-delivered. From start to finish, we promise to deliver nothing but expertise and stand behind our work. Remodeling comes with its challenges, but with our many years of experience, we work hard to earn your trust and handle the entire process with much precision. We go above and beyond to exceed your expectations and complete the work as seamlessly as possible and within the timeline. We also strive to work within or even under the budget whenever possible. We wouldn’t want to expose you to nasty surprises that would ruin what you envisioned. We are committed to providing high-quality services.

Our Remodeling Services

  • Room Additions
  • Build Outs
  • Renovations
  • Garage Conversions
  • Attic Conversions
  • Floor Plan Changes
  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Kitchen Remodels

You’ll find that having a trusted general contractor in the Houston and Dallas area is inherently unique as we believe in transparency, accountability, and open communication. We genuinely care about your project as much as you do and treat your home as if it were our own. At the end of each working day, we clean up, and once the project is complete, you’ll have your newly remodeled space squeaky clean. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the functionality and comfort that the revamped area has to offer.

We believe that communication is key to turning your dreams into reality through remodeling. We’ll introduce you to our crew members, answer all your questions, and keep you informed of the progress from the beginning to the very end. So, whether you need more style or more space, we combine quality materials and innovative processes in every project to give you nothing short of a masterpiece. When it comes to home remodeling contractors in Texas, there’s no one better than Bulldog Builders & Contractors.

Bulldog Builders is a Full-Service Contractor and Remodeling Company.

Many things can change over the course of Homeownership.  Families grow and their needs change.  Remodeling is a great way to help accommodate a new addition, whether it’s a new baby or an elderly relative in need of care.  As homes age, remodeling is a helpful tool in not only updating but shoring up faulty structures.  Sometimes storm damage repair lends itself to a remodel.

At Bulldog Builders, we know Your Home is Your Castle!  Quality Materials, Workmanship, and Service are our foundation.  We can bring your imagination to life through a remodel.   Our Home Remodeling Experts can also give you options and ideas to choose from.  Bulldog Builders is Veteran owned and gives your Residential Project the meticulous attention to detail your Castle deserves!

Bulldog Builders are your go-to Remodeling Experts!

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